Top 7 Must-Watch Romantic Movies Set In NYC

Love stories set in the Big Apple are nothing new, but when it comes to choosing a perfect rom-com, these New York-centric tales make the list every time. Just in time for love’s big day, we’ve compiled a guide of must-watch romantic movies set in NYC. And whether you’re single or coupled up, grabbing a bottle of wine and flipping on one of these titles makes for the perfect Valentine’s night in.

West Side Story 

First up is the evergreen musical triumph, West Side Story (1961). Watch as Tony and Maria traipse around 1950s West 68th Street tenements ensnared in forbidden love. Well-known tunes like “I Feel Pretty” and “Jet Song” might necessitate a singing break, while “Somewhere” might even bring out the tissues.

Top 7 Romantic Movies In NYC: West Side Story

United Artists

An Affair to Remember 

Moving on to one of the most classic romantic films of all time, An Affair to Remember (1957) has crystallized the Empire State Building as a meet-up spot for distant lovers in our national lexicon. An irresistible love affair is fraught by existing relationships, but love finds a way to prevail. It’s such a classic that it even inspired the next film in the line-up: Sleepless in Seattle (1993). 

Twentieth Century Fox Entertainment 

Sleepless in Seattle 

While the title tells a different story, the film’s defining moment happens in New York atop the Empire State Building, where an Annie, a writer looking for a romance reminiscent of An Affair to Remember, meets widower Sam. The rest is history.

Top 7 Must-Watch Romantic Movies Set In NYC: Sleepless in Seattle

TriStar Pictures

You’ve Got Mail 

The Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks duo seems to be the magic rom-com ingredient. If a movie marathon is in order, queue up their hit flick You’ve Got Mail (1998) next. It’s a classic love-hate plot of email pen pals who discover that they’re real-life rivals as independent bookstore owners in NYC. Love wins out in the end, proving the duo’s on-screen chemistry once again.

Top 7 Romantic Movies In NYC: You've Got Mail

Warner Bros.

New York, I Love You

Moving into the mid-aughts, New York, I Love You (2008) is next. With a title like this, we can’t ignore this compilation of 11 mini plots spread across the entirety of New York City. Multiple directorial styles and a deep line-up of stars — Natalie Portman, Orlando Bloom, Blake Lively and Ethan Hawke — make for an entertaining entanglement of love in the city that never sleeps.

Top 7 Romantic Movies in NYC: New York, I Love You

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Finally, if you’re of the opinion that laughter and love pair perfectly together, turn on Hitch (2005). Will Smith’s role as an NYC dating expert to Kevin James makes for some truly laugh-out-loud scenes. Or opt for a tongue-in-cheek look at modern dating habits with Friends with Benefits (2011). Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake’s friendship heats up, portraying the complications of dating, especially in a city as big and bustling as New York.

Top 7 Romantic Movies in NYC: Hitch

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The Harlem Globetrotters: Pushing The Limits Tour

The Harlem Globetrotters: Pushing The Limits Tour

featured photo: @Globies Twitter

The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to town.

Local fans of that world-famous team clad in the iconic American flag-inspired uniform – beloved for its seemingly bottomless bag of basketball tricks as “Sweet Georgia Brown” plays in the background – have plenty of February 2020 dates to mark on their calendars.

The Globetrotters have a two-night run (Feb. 12-13) at the Collins Arena in Lincroft, N.J., before a Valentine’s Day show at Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, Conn.

On Feb. 16, they have a pair of performances at Barclays Center – with start times of 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. – and a show at Madison Square Garden on Feb. 17 that begins at noon.

The team then returns to Bridgeport’s Webster Bank Arena for a 7 p.m. show on Feb. 21.

Founded in Chicago in 1926 by businessman Abe Saperstein, the Harlem Globetrotters are billing this tour as “Pushing the Limits.” The tour commenced on Dec. 26, 2019, and wraps up in April.

Though all of the stops of this tour are in North American locations, the Globetrotters have “entertained popes, kings, queens and presidents around the globe,” as well as a total of “more than 148 million fans in 123 countries and territories” throughout their 94-year history, according to the team’s website.

The Globetrotters’ roster is 39 players deep. It includes Detroit product Bull Bullard – who currently holds the world record for both the longest behind-the-back shot (42 feet, 6.5. inches) and under-the-legs shot (62 feet, 10.38 inches) – and New Jersey native Swish Sutton, who helped the University of South Carolina women’s basketball team advance to the Sweet 16 round of the 2012 NCAA tournament.

The first-ever Globetrotters born in Puerto Rico (Orlando “El Gato” Meléndez), China (Lucky Jiang) and Ukraine (Smoove Kryvenko) are also on the team’s current roster, reinforcing the family-friendly entertainment brand’s global appeal.

The short list of players who’ve had their jersey number retired by the team includes NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain (13), Curly Neal (22), Marques Haynes (20) and Meadowlark Lemon (36).

A fun fact about the Harlem Globetrotters:

The team’s musical theme, “Sweet Georgia Brown,” was originally composed by Maceo Pinkard and Ben Bernie in 1925. While the Globetrotters were founded during the following year, the jazz standard wouldn’t become inexorably linked to them until 1952 – three years after the whistled version that we’re all familiar with today was recorded by Alabama-born musician Brother Bones.

Get tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters here


6 Great Spots To Take Your Dog In NYC

6 Great Spots To Take Your Dog In NYC

featured photo: Pacific Press

In just a few days, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show will take place at Madison Square Garden, and 204 breeds of dogs representing 20 countries will be present for the event.

But while those dogs compete in a legendary New York tradition that has now lasted 144 years, everyday New Yorkers are likely looking for more casual opportunities to participate in the event, during what could shape up to be a pretty cold winter over the next few weeks.  

Think of the New York City Marathon, which took place last November. Sure, you had a friend or two you cheered on during the race, but the weekend itself was more of a celebration, right? Your friend’s dedication to all 26.2 miles quickly became a reason for you and your friends to eat, drink and be merry.

Similarly, just because your dog won’t be participating in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show doesn’t mean he or she will turn down an adventure in New York City. Activity gets them excited—parks, dog-friendly bars, maybe even a photoshoot. Add those up, and you’ve got the look, the excitement and even the culture to rival an appearance in the monumental dog show itself (and yes, you can get tickets to the show here).

We found the best spots to bring your dog along during the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, whether it’s a great bar or a restaurant with a killer menu for dogs. And humans. Yes, some have both. Cheers.

The Wilson NYC

132 27th St.
New York, NY

If The Wilson’s stellar seafood selection wasn’t enough to rope you in, maybe their dog menu will do the trick. When ribeye steak, salmon and grilled chicken breast are on the menu for your furry friend, you know you’re in for a treat. Whether you’re looking for a breakfast buffet, fun dinner date or just a night out with your pup, The Wilson is a solid bet.


Pet photographer Jim Dratfield has photographed pets for Jennifer Aniston, Barbara Walters and others, all while splitting time between New York and Los Angeles and gaining coverage from The New York Times, CNN, USA Today and Access Hollywood. Schedule a photo session for you and your pet, or check out Dratfield’s website here.

Central Park

Central Park is a favorite go-to spot for dog-owners throughout the city. In fact, dogs are permitted to be off-leash before 9 a.m. and after 9 p.m. at Central Park, barring several designated areas. If you’re looking for other spots around the city where you can get some fresh air while letting your dog roam, check out Prospect Park and Tribeca Dog Run.


303 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY

This Williamsburg hotspot is the perfect destination to nurse a Sunday morning hangover, especially if you’re looking to bring your pup along. The back porch stays full on the weekends, and the bar’s relaxed vibe keeps Brooklynites coming back for more Bloody Marys time and time again. Drop by Luckydog for a laid-back afternoon in Williamsburg, an afternoon when the noise of roaming dogs is definitely preferable to a lazy weekend alone in one’s home.

Madison Square Park

11 Madison Ave
New York, NY

Jemmy’s Dog Run in Madison Square Park might be just the spot you and your dog need for an enjoyable afternoon in the city. While your pup enjoys what was voted the city’s best dog park in 2015 by the Village Voice, take in some of the city’s best views, or maybe prepare yourself for a tasty burger from Shake Shack, located right in Madison Square Park. Get a whiff of the go-to New York burger joint, and your mouth will be watering more than your dog’s ever has.


If your pup didn’t make the cut for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this year, not to worry. Maybe all he or she needed was a nudge in the right direction, a little boost of self-esteem. That’s why we looked into some of the best spots in town to get your dog the grooming it needs. Check out Walter’s Pet Style, Unleashed Spa, Towne House Grooming and Pet Supplies, Seaport Paw and The Bark Shop.


On The Go With Chris Manzo: Super Bowl

On The Go With Chris Manzo: Super Bowl

featured photo: Dave Adamson / Shutterstock

I love Super Bowl Sunday because it’s a real holiday and just as important as every real holiday.

What makes it extra special is that it’s a ‘no rules’ kind of holiday, which means we get to enjoy lots of great-tasting food! It’s one day that everyone knows what they’re doing, like New Year’s Eve. You feel a certain pressure to have fun.

Growing up in a restaurant family, Super Bowl Sunday was always exciting. We would either have a big party with family and friends at the house, or we would go to my dad’s restaurant. I have so many great memories of celebrating there. Crazy nachos, huge sandwiches, plenty of sweets … more food than you could imagine, with people yelling, all having a good time!  

And we would bet on everything. Not just who would win the game, but everything. We’d start with a bet on how long the National anthem would go, and take it from there.

"What I’m really looking forward to this year is the commercials … because my mom (Caroline Manzo) is in one!"

- Chris Manzo

Somewhere To Watch: My Favorite Places In New York City

Watching the Big Game is just one of the many things that you can do in New York City on Super Bowl Sunday. But Super Bowl doesn’t put the city on hold because there’s always so much going on. The great thing is, you can find just about any kind of watch experience in the city. There’s something for everyone, even those that don’t watch the Super Bowl. 

I won’t be at home this year. I’m heading to Nashville where my girlfriend lives and can’t wait to see how that party town celebrates. People travel to Nashville just to celebrate things like Super Bowl. I’ve only been once, but the music, the fun atmosphere – Nashville feels so all-American, with a lot more space than New York for celebrating! And because Nashville’s close to Kansas City, I think a lot of visitors will actually be interested in the turnout of the game. So I’m excited to be in the mix. 

Now, if I was home this Super Bowl Sunday, I’d make plans to find a place in New York City to meet friends and watch the game. I prefer places that are not overly crowded. And good food is key – nice sampler platters, wings, nachos, cheese fries – the works. Above all, I want to watch the game, so big screens and good sound are important. I have a few favorite places around town that are just right for game-watching.

Mad River (1442 Third Avenue) – My Wisconsin friends introduced me to Mad River. The food’s great, it’s friendly and feels like a small town bar, which is a great find in Manhattan.

Printers Alley (215 West 40th Street) – We have lots of fun here because you can play sports while you’re watching games. It’s in the heart of Times Square, so there’s plenty of action and it always feels like a party. 

The Standard Biergarten (848 Washington at 13th Street) – This is a popular go-to spot on every game day. It’s a big, wide-open space that’s not at all intimidating and just right for hanging out with friends and meeting new ones.

Something To Look Forward To: The Halftime Show

I always love the Super Bowl halftime shows. I can think back to the ones I remember, like the show with Aerosmith and Britney Spears with ‘N Sync. Bruno Mars is another favorite – especially his first halftime show here at MetLife in 2014. He’s such a great performer. 

I probably remember the halftime shows that were disappointing a little more (laughs). But there are always memorable moments, and this year’s halftime show will be great with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. For us, it’s extra special because Jennifer Lopez is synonymous with New York – she’s from the Bronx. It makes you wonder, where would J.Lo watch the Super Bowl if she was in New York?

Something To REALLY Look Forward To: The Commercials, Especially My Mom’s

What I’m really looking forward to this year is the commercials … because my mom (Caroline Manzo) is in one! I mean there’s no other way to actually ‘get in’ the Super Bowl, unless you’re really good at playing football. And she’s in the Super Bowl!  

When it comes to starring in a Super Bowl commercial, you have to do something pretty great to have your face chosen to be associated with a brand when most people are looking at the brand. 

Honestly, our family has come to a point where nothing really shocks us anymore. It’s been a wild ride and amazing things keep on happening. But now that the show is done, to get something this big is really special.  

So, yes, I’m probably more focused on my mom’s commercial than anything else. Once I see her face, I’ll be able to relax. And then it will probably hit me that even with all of this excitement, she’s still my mom who spent most of her time telling Albie and me to clean our rooms.


Check out the teaser below:

Something To Share: This Fun Fact

Super Bowl Sunday is the number one avocado consumption day of the year. So when someone asks me, “What do you think of when you think of Super Bowl?” For me? Avocados.

Making plans for the Big Game?

Check out these Super Bowl Sunday events in New York City:


Brooklyn Bowl Super Bowl LIV (All Ages)

5:00 p.m.
61 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn

Strike it big in Brooklyn with the Super Bowl on 14 HD screens featuring full concert sound, with plenty of food and fun for the family.

Get Tickets

Super Bowl Singles Party at the Empire Rooftop (21 & Over)

5:30 p.m.
44 West 63rd Street

See the view from above when the Empire Hotel brings together sports and singles for a super party on the rooftop.

Get Tickets

Loft 51 Super Bowl Viewing Party

5:00 p.m.
627 West 51st Street

It’s all about experience – catch the Big Game on giant screens, play board games and groove to top NYC DJs.

Get Tickets

Groundhog Day? We’ve Got The Cure!

photos: Columbia Pictures

Groundhog Day? We’ve Got The Cure!

Another New York winter is in full swing, and the buzz of New Year’s resolutions has already started to wear off. It’s the time of year when we can get sucked into a monotonous daily cycle that makes us feel stuck repeating the same frigid day over and over again, longing for some variety.

Luckily, New York City is as vibrant a scene for arts, entertainment and food right now as it has been all year; you’ve just got to find that motivation to make moves instead of spending yet another night on the couch watching Netflix.

Groundhog Day? We’ve Got The Cure - Bill Murray 2

As Groundhog Day approaches, it’s appropriate to remember that when it comes to making the best of a grim winter, there’s no better example than Phil Connors in Groundhog Day, played by Bill Murray. The narcissistic weatherman can’t stop reliving Groundhog Day in the less-than-thrilling Punxsutawney, PA, home of the famous rodent weatherman Punxsutawney Phil, who crawls out of his cage and lets Americans know if they can expect an early spring. Unfortunately for Connors, he can’t escape Punxsutawney. Or Groundhog Day, for that matter. But as he’s forced to confront himself in the midst of an implausible existential dilemma, he finds that every day is full of opportunity, no matter how dreary it may seem.  

If Phil can max out his life in tiny Punxsutawney, you can make it happen in NYC. New York actually has its very own Groundhog Day celebration; every Feb. 2, Staten Island Chuck, a resident groundhog (also known as Charles G. Hogg) at the Staten Island Zoo, predicts whether six more weeks of winter are in store. The tradition dates back nearly 40 years on Staten Island, but it’s also just one of the many events that will keep New Yorkers entertained, whether spring comes early or not.

Dig into our list of the most fun winter activities New York has to offer. And don’t forget your booties, ‘cause it’s cold out there today.

Winter Jam

“There’s talk of a blizzard.”

New York winters can seem at their most dismal this time of year. Regardless of whether the rest of the city experiences a winter on Feb. 1, a mountain of snow in Central Park will lie at the center of this free winter sports festival open to the public. Attendees can watch live ice sculpting or participate in a variety of activities, including ice bowling, sledding, flag football and even skiing.

Fourth Annual Best of Brooklyn Festival

“Sweet vermouth, rocks, with a twist, please.”

No matter what your drink of choice is (or whether you make a toast to the groundhog or world peace), the mouthwatering tastes and craft brews featured at the Best of Brooklyn Festival this year will keep New Yorkers plenty busy the day before Groundhog Day. Industry City (located at 274 36th Street in Brooklyn), will showcase some of the hottest breweries, restaurants and businesses in Brooklyn. You’ve got one day to take it all in.

Screening of Groundhog Day at Transmitter Brewing’s Pizza, Wine and Movie Night

“Rise and shine campers, and don’t forget your booty’s, ‘cause it’s cold out there today.”

If you’re looking to get active on Groundhog Day this year, celebrate the leap year on Feb. 29 at Transmitter Brewing, where the comedy classic will be screening at 7:30 pm. While Phil Connors can’t seem to get rid of Groundhog Day, Leap Year only comes once every four years, so take advantage of this deal for a fun-filled Saturday night!

Big Apple Circus

“Don’t drive angry!”

You might not catch a groundhog driving a pick-up, but the Big Apple Circus will probably showcase just about everything else during its run at the Lincoln Center this year. Take a break from the cold and escape into the odd world of trapeze artists, strong men and miraculous human feats.

Get Big Apple Circus Tickets Here

Date Night

“Intelligent, supportive, funny. Me, me, me.”

Once again, if Phil Connors can get creative with date night in Punxsutawney, PA, you’ve got no excuses when it comes to whipping up a date night to remember with New York’s endless stream of shows, museums and activities. If you’ve already explored The MET recently, check out The Brooklyn Museum, The Guggenheim or maybe The Whitney. Take your partner on a dream-like ice skating trip in Central Park,  and cap things off at the classic Greenwich Village Comedy Club (99 MacDougal Street) for All-Star Standup Comedy, the club’s signature show featuring NewYork’s standup headliners and a dazzling line-up of special guests. And, unlike Phil, you’ll know your partner will have some good memories the next day.

Get Comedy All-Stars Showcase Tickets Here


On The Go With Chris Manzo: Chinatown

On The Go With Chris Manzo: Chinatown

featured photo: Paulo Evangelista

Another reason to celebrate, New York! The Year of the Rat officially begins January 25 when we usher in the Lunar New Year.

It’s a big moment for the city, as thousands of New Yorkers and visitors alike flock to Chinatown in Lower Manhattan to join the festivities. There’s something for everyone throughout the celebration — from the first-ever Asian comedy festival to never-ending noodles and dumplings, culminating with the iconic Lunar New Year Parade and Festival on Sunday, February 9. It’s a New York tradition not to be missed — in a place that’s near and dear to Chris Manzo any day of the year.

“My rule for the city is try not to go anywhere more than three times. I mean, this is New York. There’s no way you found the only spot. Keep going. And keep talking to people to find out where to go next.”

- Chris Manzo

Somewhere To Go: Chinatown

Chinatown is by far one of my favorite places in New York. The area isn’t that big in size, but there’s so much to do. Because I’m in the restaurant business, I have one day off a week, and there’s a long list of things I want to do on that day. In New York, you don’t get through that list too quickly! When I find something I want to do, I’ll take a picture of it. I’ll text it to my friends and we’ll go check it out. 

If you’re like me, you can even just knock on unmarked doors until someone answers and you find out what’s behind them. One night my buddies and I wanted to find something underground, like gambling or a boxing match. Mission accomplished — we found a card game! There’s always something interesting going on.

Something To Forget: An Itinerary

The best way to plan a visit to Chinatown is to go there and have no plan at all. 

When I get there, I talk to people. I meet someone, they tell me where to go, and I go. I usually end up somewhere because a complete stranger told me about it. New Yorkers love to brag about the places they know.  

“My rule for the city is try not to go anywhere more than three times. I mean, this is New York. There’s no way you found the only spot. Keep going. And keep talking to people to find out where to go next.”

Something To Eat: Dumplings

I always pick a restaurant or place to eat where I can try to find the `best of’ something. So in Chinatown, it could be the best noodles, the best egg rolls…last time I went to Chinatown, I wanted the best dumplings. I saw a picture on Instagram that someone posted of these dumplings that looked great, so that’s where we went. 

Like so many places in Chinatown, the place doesn’t really have a name. But I can tell you it’s across the street from the Chinese Hispanic Grocery Store.

Something To Do: Karaoke

Late-night karaoke needs to be your last stop in Chinatown. If you haven’t done it yet, chances are high that you’re going to have to do it one day anyway – whether it’s a late-night thing with friends or even worse, a work thing and you have to sing in front of your co-workers, that first-time experience is bound to happen. And it can be rough, unless you’re prepared. 

If you’re a singer, no sweat. But if you’re like me and you don’t sing, there are definitely some dos and don’ts for karaoke:

  1. You can probably get away with songs that make it look like you’re having a lot of fun and you don’t actually have to sing, like “Chumbawamba.”
  2. If you just want to fit in, then go for “Wonderwall.” You can be monotone or do it in your own speaking voice without ever really singing. And it works.
  3. To play it safe, avoid songs with an artist that has any kind of fan base. If you can match a face to a name of a singer, forget it. Stick to the one-hit wonders.

Once you’ve got those down, you’re ready to hit the stage – and you have plenty of stages to choose from. After reopening last year, Winnie’s, 58 East Broadway, 2nd floor, reclaims its place as a Chinatown karaoke institution. For a no-frills first-time experience, check out Up Stairs, 59 Canal Street, 2nd floor. You can dine, drink and then sing the night away at Asia Roma Restaurant Bar and Lounge, 40 Mulberry Street. If karaoke’s your thing and you’re ready to feel like a popstar, try the lavish K-One Karaoke, 97 Bowery, 2nd floor.

Jarrett Allen Dunking

NYC Sports Guide: Nets & Knicks vs. Heat

Welcome to the NYC Sports Guide. Not only do we cover the latest news related to New York sports, we fill you in on what’s happening around town during the big game. So whether you’re a die-hard local or a visiting sports fan, we’re here to help you create the ultimate game-day experience in the Big Apple.

This winter, a heat wave from South Beach hits New York City.

The red-hot Miami Heat play the Brooklyn Nets on Friday, Jan. 10 (7:30 p.m.) at Barclays Center and the New York Knicks on Sunday, Jan. 12 (3:30 p.m.) at Madison Square Garden.

Miami has been one of the NBA’s biggest surprises this season with a 23-8 record as of the end of 2019, so you can expect to see basketball fans sporting Heat gear around Downtown Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan very soon.

Buy Heat vs. Nets Tickets Here

The Heat wasn’t expected to be this good this soon due to how young most of its core players are, but the addition of four-time all-star Jimmy Butler this past summer and reliability of veteran point guard Goran Dragić have helped the franchise’s youth movement develop ahead of schedule.

Six Heat players are averaging 10 or more points per game, including the aforementioned Butler (20.4), Dragić (15.9), 20-year-old rookie shooting guard Tyler Herro (13.9) and 22-year-old center and Newark native Bam Adebayo (15.8).

Heat fans haven’t been this excited since their team was a perennial NBA Finals contender led by LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh a half-decade ago.

Buy Heat vs. Knicks Tickets Here

For out-of-town Heat diehards who’ll be touring the city during the team’s Big Apple visit, here’s a list of sports bars/restaurants around Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center to hang out at before, during and after the games against the Nets and Knicks on Jan. 10 and 12, respectively:

Brooklyn, New York

200 Fifth
200 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn

If you’re searching for some classic game-time grub, look no further than 200 Fifth. Chicken wings are served in a variety of flavors, like sweet chili, Jamaican jerk, traditional buffalo, drunken (lager and cayenne) or their signature sweet and sour. The bar has over 100 televisions for your sports-viewing pleasure and closes at 2 a.m. on Fridays.

The Montrose 
47 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn

Hungry for some homemade pub food? The Montrose serves up the half-pound Brooklyn Breakfast Burger (an angus beef burger stuffed with mac and cheese and a fried egg), as well as jalapeño mac and cheese with bacon. It’s open from 4:30 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Kick Axe Throwing
622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn

Kick Axe Throwing offers beer, malt beverages, wine, snacks and Table 87 coal-oven pizza – but it’s not a sports bar. There are no televisions on site. None. But, as a member of a party or simply as a walk-in, you can, as its website states, play darts with axes. To be exact, you’re paying for the thrill of throwing hatchets at a (bullseye) target. Kick Axe Throwing typically opens at noon on Fridays (closes at 1:30 a.m.), and there are also locations in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

40/40 Club by Tanduay Rum

If you’re not actually going to the game but still want to enjoy the atmosphere at Barclays Center and watch Nets vs. Heat on television on Jan. 10, 40/40 Club by Tanduay Rum is the place. After purchasing access to the club – and entering through BC’s Calvin Klein VIP gate – guests enjoy an all-inclusive buffet, and complimentary beer, wine and liquor.

Buy Tickets To 40/40 Club At Barclays Center Here

Manhattan (places near Madison Square Garden)

John Sullivan’s
210 W 35th Street

John Sullivan’s is a tourist-friendly Irish pub that’s known for its French onion soup, fish and chips and chicken Doritos burger. The pub is conveniently located for pre- and post-gamers looking to stay close to The Garden, being a short walk away and open from Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 a.m.

Jimmy’s 38 NYC
156 W 38th Street

Miami tourists who are interested in enjoying Latin American cuisine, drinks and music near “The World’s Most Famous Arena” have an option in Jimmy’s 38 NYC. Open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sundays, the establishment features hookah bars and serves breakfast/brunch, including steak and eggs, tostones montaditos (crispy green plantain cups stuffed with chipotle aioli, chicken, beef or chorizo) and a variety of seafood dishes.

Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine
485 10th Avenue

Knicks color commentator and team legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier was a member of the New York teams that won NBA titles in 1970 and ’73. The former Knicks point guard is also a partner at Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine, where you’ll find space for private events, a small basketball court, burgers (including Clyde’s N.Y. cheddar cheeseburger), lobster tail, crab cakes and fried buttermilk waffles that come with crispy breaded chicken. The establishment is open from noon to 10 p.m. on Sundays, but operating hours are subject to change depending on “special events and game schedules.”

Additional Attractions

New York City offers more than just sports events, of course. If you’re in town over the Jan. 10-12 weekend and looking for entertainment in addition to the Heat’s games against the Nets and the Knicks, check out these events/attractions:

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld at the Beacon Theater
January 10 & 11

Buy Tickets To Jerry Seinfeld Here

“Hamilton” (N.Y.) at the Richard Rodgers Theatre
January 10-12

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Chik-a-pow! @ThayneJasperson’s got the moves!

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Buy Tickets To Hamilton Here

“STOMP” (N.Y.) at the Orpheum Theatre
January 10-12

Buy Tickets To STOMP Here

featured photo: Erik Drost/Flickr


The Rockettes

7 Iconic NYC Holiday Movie Landmarks

Some of the most iconic holiday films take place in NYC, which makes sense – there’s something extra magical about the city that never sleeps when it’s even more aglow with Christmas lights.

For native New Yorkers and tourists alike, a guide of the most classic scenes and where to relive them is an ideal ‘Saturday in December’ activity. Along the way, snap a photo at every stop to compile an epic Instagram story of the entire NYC holiday film roadmap.

No better place to start than with the pinnacle of Christmas movies, the 1947 classic “Miracle on 34th Street.” First stop: Macy’s Herald Square, one of the last remaining turn-of-the-century department stores where “Miracle” was filmed. Snap a photo outside the well-known façade, or with Macy’s resident Santa Claus to stay true to the plot.

Macy's Herald Square

Your next stop is just a 10-minute subway ride away to The Seagram Building. It’s home to two holiday tales — “The Family Man” and “Scrooged.” While Nicolas Cage probably won’t saunter into your photo, it’s worth a stop in to see if the Ghost of Christmas Past might appear. Such a sighting would certainly merit adding a #BahHumbug to your post.

The Seagram Building - The Family Man

The Seagram Building featured in The Family Man – Universal Pictures

Next up, take a turn around the Plaza Hotel’s luxe lobby à la Kevin McCallister in “Home Alone 2,” or even reserve a spot for afternoon tea to extend your time in the elaborately decorated Palm Court dining room.

Home Alone 2 Plaza Hotel

The Plaza Hotel featured in Home Alone 2 – 20th Century Fox

Just around the corner, step into John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale’s skates at Wollman Rink in Central Park, the perfect spot to re-create their romantic scene from “Serendipity.”

Another great skate spot: the rink outside the Rockefeller Center. Will Ferrell’s character in “Elf” had an enchanting first date there, while Kevin McCallister reunited with his mom in front of the magnificent 100-foot tree. No Christmas-time tour is complete without a stop here.

The Rink At Rockefeller Center

The Rink at Rockefeller Center featured in Elf – New Line Cinema

After taking in the grandest Christmas tree in the States, it’s time to search for your own, as in “When Harry Met Sally.” While New York City is full of tree lots, dedicated fans of the film can pick theirs up at Broadway and 96th Street, where the scene was originally shot.

The Plant Shed When Harry Met Sally

The Plant Shed featured in When Harry Met Sally – Columbia Pictures

But if sitting back and enjoying a show feels like the perfect end to the day, a trip to see the Christmas Spectacular starring The Radio City Rockettes, who’ve appeared in countless flicks and make memories of every Christmas in New York picture perfect.



Queen - Adam Lambert

Four Iconic Bands That Changed Lead Singers

It’s hard to imagine an iconic band changing the sound that brings us so many memories. With the change of a lead singer comes the fear that the history, sound and legacy might not translate so well. While some would say that the history of a band might get lost when the lead singer is replaced, there have been several instances throughout history where bands have proven that concept false.

Taking a look at top bands like Queen and Journey that made the frontman switch, there is proof that the maneuver can extend the life of the band. Here are some other bands still rocking the stage with a new lead:

Starting out in 1973 with Gregg Rolie as the lead singer, the band hired Steve Perry in 1977 who helped them soar to success. Now with Arnel Pineda, the group hasn’t stopped believing and is still touring and selling out shows.

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For bands like Foreigner, the music meant more to fans than the band’s replacement of the lead singer (and other band members). They too want to know what love is, and for many it means getting to still hear their favorite Foreigner songs sung by Kelly Hansen, Lou Gramm’s replacement.

There has always been friction in the vision of the band Styx. That’s why when it was announced that they split in 1983, very few fans were surprised. But now, 20 years after regrouping, the replacement of previous singers with Lawrence Gowan still allows them to tour like a renegade.

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Skeery Jones 2019

Press Play: Z100's Skeery Jones

EXCLUSIVE: Albie Manzo talks to Skeery Jones about the history of Jingle Ball and what makes the holidays special in NYC

So many things come to mind when I think of Christmas in NYC: the tree, ice skating in Central Park, the Rockettes … but one event always stands out above the rest: iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball. Growing up in the NYC area, Z100 has been the defining voice of hit music since before I learned how to turn the radio on. Every year, the anticipation of the lineup alone creates a buzz in this city like no other. That’s why I was so excited to speak with Skeery Jones of Z100’s “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” about all things Jingle Ball and how far the event has come since its launch in the mid ‘90s.

Albie Manzo (AM): Tell us about your role in Jingle Ball.

Skeery Jones (SJ): I’ve been a part of every Jingle Ball since I started working at Z100. I talk about it on air on “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” and we give away tickets to callers – I also do events with the radio station where I go out to certain locations to raffle off free tickets. During the show itself, I interact with the audience and upgrade some seats from the last row and bring them closer to the stage. Sometimes, I’ll help introduce an act with the rest of the Z100 team, and I’ll get involved with our social channels for some backstage coverage.

AM: What year was the first show?

SJ: I remember the first Z100 holiday show was our Acoustic Christmas in 1994, and Green Day performed, I was such a Stan. The first official Z100’s Jingle Ball was the following year. It’s a NYC tradition now, and it’s really one of the most sought-after shows of the entire year.

AM: The reason I’m asking is because my first concert ever was Z100 Jingle Ball in 1997, and I remember bugging out calling Z100 like crazy trying to get tickets. How has the show changed from when it first started to what it is now?

SJ: Well, this was the lineup for the first Jingle Ball in 1995: Alanis Morrisette, Blues Traveler, Bush, Collective Soul, Dave Matthews Band, Gavin Rossdale, Goo Goo Dolls, Hootie & The Blowfish, Natalie Merchant and Soul Asylum.

AM: I’d go to that now, Skeery.

SJ: I know, right! Jingle Ball 1996 was a legendary year for us too – we did an all-female lineup called Girls Rule The YULE, which was an amazing show.

"Acts you would never typically see on the same night all come together and put on such an amazing show. Just look at the lineup – there’s something for everyone."

- Skeery

AM: The show has always been a hot ticket, but has there been an evolution in how you guys produce the show itself? Has anything about the process or experience changed from the ‘90s to today?

SJ: The wait times in between the acts have decreased dramatically with the use of a rotating stage. While one act is playing, another artist can set up backstage, and then they just rotate the stage 180 degrees and the new act is ready to go. That made a major difference – we used to need full set changes, so we would have to wait 20-30 minutes between each act. Having this one addition really helped allow Jingle Ball to bring in as many acts as it does now. As of a few years ago, the show evolved into a multi-city tour across the U.S. known widely as iHeartRadio Jingle Ball. It is a next level large-scale event and it’s incredible to be a part of it.

AM: Is there an all-time favorite artist or performance that sticks out to you?

SJ: Thinking through the years, in 2008 Lady Gaga came out to perform “Just Dance” before the show even opened. She started the show cold – she was virtually unknown at the time, but you could just tell she was going to be a superstar and it’s so wild looking back at it. We’ve had these blockbuster lineups over the years and it’s a lot of fun to watch where their careers take them after they play the show. For instance, the Jonas Brothers’ first performance was in 2007 and now they’re bigger than ever. A lot of the artists that play Jingle Ball could easily sell out stadiums on their own.

AM: I’ve gone to several shows over the years, and what sticks out to me are the screaming fans. What fan base can you remember was the most crazed, and what artist got the biggest reaction?

SJ: There are really so many – every superstar has played this show. In 2012, for instance, Ed Sheeran came out with just his guitar and everyone was singing along loudly to every word, they were mesmerized. As far as which acts caused the most excitement, wow, it’s tough to count – but Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers and One Direction were particularly deafening. The screams for those guys, I have never heard anything like it.

AM: What makes doing the Z100 Jingle Ball in NYC so special?

SJ: Madison Square Garden is the world’s most famous arena, and not only is it New York, it’s the holidays in New York. There’s something about being in town when all of the other NYC traditions are happening, like the Radio City Rockettes and the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. Maybe I’m biased because I grew up in Brooklyn listening to Z100, but I think it’s super exciting. Plus, the show started in NYC, too – with all those factors combined, there’s just nothing like it.

AM: Who are you most excited to see this year?

SJ: Wow, that’s a tough one, it really is. The lineup is amazing: Taylor Swift, The Jonas Brothers, Camila Cabello, Halsey – I love Halsey, 5SOS, Niall Horan, Lizzo, Dan + Shay, Monsta X, Lewis Capaldi and Fletcher – it’s so hard to choose! But for me, I think it’s a toss up between Halsey and the Jonas Brothers.

AM: Nothing wrong with going with a few Jersey artists! Lastly, what does Jingle Ball represent to you?

SJ: To me, it represents the best of the best in music throughout the year on one stage. Acts you would never typically see on the same night all come together and put on such an amazing show. Just look at the lineup – there’s something for everyone. It’s not something I’ll ever get used to or take for granted. But yet, iHeartRadio manages to outdo itself every year.

While Jingle Ball is currently sold out, you can catch some of the artists performing at their upcoming NYC-area shows:

Niall Horan with Lewis Capaldi and Fletcher
April 29, 2020
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY

Dan + Shay The (Arena) Tour 
March 12, 2020
Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA