Blockbusters Take Broadway

Must-See Shows Inspired by Hit Films

Paris in the year 1900, a flying magic carpet, an enchanted kingdom made of ice—all live on stage. Broadway is delivering non-stop entertainment like never before with a dazzling line-up of musicals based on hit films. From uproarious comedies to timeless Disney classics, the blockbusters taking Broadway this season offer something for everyone as the most popular stories and characters of the silver screen light up the Great White Way.

Moulin Rouge!
Al Hirschfeld Theatre

Baz Luhrmann’s groundbreaking 2001 musical film whirled onto the stage this summer, dripping with splendor as Broadway’s newest adaptation. Set in enchanting Paris at the turn of the 20th century where bohemians and aristocrats come together to celebrate art and romance, Moulin Rouge! features a mash-up of original songs and popular music with all the makings of a modern theatrical masterpiece.

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Marquis Theatre

Based on the 1982 film starring Dustin Hoffman about an out-of-work actor that gets his break by dressing as a woman, Tootsie is lighting up Broadway as a musical known for non-stop comedy. Tony Award winner Santino Fontana sparkles as Michael and Dorothy throughout their hilarious adventures.

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Mean Girls
August Wilson Theatre

High school drama steals the spotlight in the adaptation of the 2004 modern cult classic film. Tina Fey and an award-winning theatrical team created another overnight sensation when they brought Mean Girls to the stage. As a musical, Mean Girls is so popular, in fact, its first U.S. national tour started this fall.

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St. James Theatre

The endearing story of sisters Anna and Elsa in their enchanted kingdom is melting hearts on Broadway. Just as Frozen reached staggering heights as the top-grossing animated film of all time, earning Walt Disney Animation Studios Oscars for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song with Let It Go, Frozen dazzles on stage with captivating theatrics—featuring an impressive 53,000 Swarovski crystals in Elsa’s Ice Palace—and equally stunning musical score.

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New Amsterdam Theatre

Disney’s award-winning 1992 animated feature sparked an empire of entertainment, but the hit Broadway musical remains at the top of the heap. Featuring 84 masterful special effects—including a flying magic carpet—Aladdin transports wide-eyed attendees on a jubilant fantasy. A Broadway must-see, Aladdin is a non-stop celebration of music and dance that’s fun for the whole family.

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The Lion King
Minskoff Theatre

Broadway’s third longest-running show continues to reign with its inspiring story and award-winning music and lyrics by Sir Elton John and Tim Rice. Disney Theatrical Productions spent three years taking The Lion King from screen to stage, launching groundbreaking theatrical techniques to create a timeless classic that’s earned an impressive six Tony Awards, including Best Musical. Soaring puppets, mesmerizing masks, costumes that effortlessly combine humans and animals bring to life the folk tale that’s sure to delight generations to come.

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Top Picks Around NYC: Art Exhibits and Pop-Ups

Central Park is turning amber, red and gold and the temperatures are starting to dip—but there’s still time to take to the city streets and absorb some unmissable NYC culture around town before winter descends.

Outside of the usual museum circuit, pop-ups are becoming a favored model for brands to offer deeply immersive experiences to customers. And because they are on a roving calendar, it means that there’s bound to be a pop-up to suit everyone’s taste—covering everything from iconic TV shows, to food-based immersions, to pop-culture inspired spaces.

While pop-ups serve up a healthy dose of whimsy, the art world offers a more highbrow take on the temporary model with elegantly curated rotating exhibits and modern showcases of some of New York’s most scintillating art. Read on to find out more.

Arcadia Earth
Through January 2019

A tech- and art-driven experience, Arcadia Earth’s augmented reality seeks to expand visitors’ way of thinking. By way of virtual reality, projection mapping and interactive environments, the visually stunning exhibit explores current ecological challenges and the climate crisis, offering guests new perspective on how they can reduce their impact on Mother Earth.

Various Locations
November 6-15

Now in its 10th year, the festival dedicated to all things documentary film showcases over 300 films at various locations throughout the city. If you can’t get enough of this thought-provoking genre, clear your post-work schedules. Whether heartwarming, serious or laugh-out-loud, film buffs and doc novices alike will surely find a tale to enjoy.

David Zwirner Gallery
November 9-December 14

In the contemporary art world, David Zwirner’s galleries, including three locations in New York City, are among the most renowned.  This fall, David Zwirner presents new work by Yayoi Kusama at the gallery’s 537 West 20th Street location, portraying everything from polka-dotted sculptural installations, to mind-bending full room presentations that brim with wonder. Guests can experience firsthand Kusama’s delightfully sensory works like the Infinity Mirror Rooms and paintings from the My Eternal Soul collection.

Through November 10

Inspired by gaming, animation and pop culture, Pixinity’s 5,000 square-foot space is a pixelated screen come to life. Visitors get to jump into the future among hundreds of sculptures and light-works within the pop-up’s 10 rooms. Vibrant backdrops are lit perfectly for an Instagrammable moment.

The Seinfeld Experience
Autumn 2019

Thirty years after Seinfeld’s debut, The Seinfeld Experience resurrects the beloved `90s hit TV show in a fresh way—tickets to the experience give guests access to exclusive content, memorabilia, original costumes and props, and even set re-creations. It’s a must-see for all superfans.

She Persists
Gracie Mansion

Within the historic expanse of Gracie Mansion, the exhibit She Persists: A Century of Women Artists in New York City, 1919-2019 chronicles the works of some of New York City’s most influential women creators, and is the largest of its type to be staged in the public space. Past meets present in this curation, spotlighting 44 classic and contemporary works by women who found immense artistic verve within the city’s limits.


JR: Chronicles Debuts at Brooklyn Museum

French artist JR joined Emmy-nominated writer, comedian and activist Baratunde Thurston for a sit down conversation at the Brooklyn Museum to celebrate and discuss the debut of his largest exhibition to date, The Chronicles of New York City.

The black and white monumental mural is comprised of photographs with more than eleven hundred people from across all five boroughs of New York City. Over the course of three weeks, JR set up a mobile studio in a different location every day while he interviewed and photographed passersby. In order to truly capture the essence of diversity and authenticity within each community, JR wanted each individual to decide how they wanted to be represented and viewed for this project. 

During his conversation with Thurston and the audience, JR explained how this project allowed him to instantly connect with everyday people walking the streets. He states, “I think we all have this fantasy here in New York City when we see people from all walks of life, we want to just tap their shoulder and ask them, ‘Hey who are you? Where are you from?’. The process of this work allowed me and my team to actually do just that. That means we can literally point at anybody on the street and say, ‘let’s grab that person and find out who he/she is.’”

Along with the Chronicles mural, the exhibit is also curated with JR’s previous work from the last 15 years. After pasting his first mural in the Parisian suburb of Clichy-Montfermeil, JR embarked on a journey that would soon change the lives of many people around the world. In 2007, he made Face 2 Face, the biggest illegal exhibition ever. He posted huge portraits of Israelis and Palestinians face to face in eight Palestinian and Israeli cities. In 2008, JR went on to create his film, Women Are Heroes, in which portraits and personal stories of women from Brazil, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Kenya, India and Cambodia are shared. A year later, JR established Casa Amarela, a school and cultural center for residents located at the top of the oldest favela of Rio de Janeiro.

In 2011 JR received the TED Prize, and used this as leverage to create Inside Out, an international art project that allows people worldwide to get their picture taken and paste it to support an idea and share their experience. In 2013, his film based on his project, Inside Out: The People’s Art Project, premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. Over 260,000 people have participated in 129 countries.

Named one of TIME 100: Most Influential People of 2018, JR limitlessly pushes boundaries and shifts the perspective of how people view ideologies of human connection. His murals represent a world of cross-cultural differences and similarities within people and their communities. His work transcends and brings to life pressing issues of today such as, immigration, women’s rights, black lives matter, education and gun control.  “Maybe the limits aren’t where we think they are. From a small idea something bigger can evolve, it’s possible,” said JR. 

The Chronicles of New York City runs through May 2020 on the museum’s ground floor. Visit The Brooklyn Museum for all details. 


Artwork on Display at North Coast Music Festival

For today’s discerning music festival attendees, art has become just as important as music. Bold installations and innovative designs help make festival experiences unforgettable. Like brilliant flowers blooming in a magical garden, playful sculptures, graffiti art and geodesic domes rise out of Union Park’s vast green space. Even if we can’t get Mother Nature to cooperate this weekend, the ambience created by art is unbeatable. We stopped to talk with some of the artists who have been working around the clock this week to get ready for their festival performance at Summer’s Last Stand.

Dub Hub Collective:  Connecting Culture and Community across Chicago

Meet Bardo, Infinite and Metra. Three Chicagoans from three different neighborhoods that would never have crossed paths. That is, until art connected them. Together they make up the Dub Hub Collective. And this weekend, they’re putting their passion for art on display at North Coast. Hailing from Pilsen, Chicago’s West Side and Humboldt Park respectively, these artists found their way to each other through art, hip-hop and skateboarding.

“We’re all different. We have our own stories. But we’re connected by art,” said Bardo, whose North Coast neon graffiti installation, Stoned Ape, captures Terence McKenna’s theory that as early humans, we ate our way to higher consciousness. Bardo, also a musician, performance artist and avid skateboarder, gets inspired when he rides to explore different parts of the city.

Like Bardo, Infinite dabbles in many art forms. His passion is rap—alongside Daughter of a King, he creates music as Heavy-Phlo—and hopes to return to North Coast on a different stage one day.

Named for surviving what could have been a tragic train accident, Metra credits art for helping him find his best friends. “We get together and make good things happen,” said Metra, who is proud of Dub Hub’s inviting West Town art gallery and performance community. “We’ll rap for hours on end. We’ll invite you in. And we’ll continue to try to make this world a better place by doing what we love.”

SynerGeo Domes:  Raising the Roof on Music Festival Experiences

For today’s hottest music festivals, plain white tents have become a thing of the past. Especially since Chicago-based SynerGeo hit the music festival scene. With their breathtaking geodesic domes and stunning art installations that marry LED lighting with the latest laser technology, SynerGeo has created a totally new way of bringing people together by enlivening their senses.

A featured artist at music festivals around the country, SynerGeo co-founder John Schroeder began collaborating with Chicago artist Afrokilla last summer to come up with an exciting new art installation exclusively for this year’s North Coast Music Festival.

“I wanted to create a geometric canvas for Afrokilla to paint that could take us from day into night with beautiful colors and light,” said Schroeder. The result—SynerGeo’s Teardrop Dodeca Hedron, a magnificent wood structure featuring intricate cutouts that John designed and made himself using his CNC router.

John and the SynerGeo team placed the Teardrop on the North Coast grounds Friday afternoon. Then Afrokilla went to work painting rich hues to bring the structure to life. And after the sun went down, the Teardrop began to glow, creating a totally different look and feel thanks to a network of brilliant LED lights on the inside.

“The Teardrop is the result of a great collaboration between artists, combined with functional design that helps us create something that awakens the senses,” said Schroeder, who paused to talk about what’s on everyone’s minds. “Beyond creating these unique experiences, we’re also practical. We know music festivals have no control over Mother Nature. We definitely treated the Teardrop for the elements, so rain or shine, it will be on display at North Coast for everyone to enjoy.”

By: Cathy DeRonne