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Us humans are pretty darn creative, and that applies to how we’re connecting with each other during this whole pandemic situation. Our events are taking entirely new shapes, for better or worse, and we’re passing the time in entirely new ways. In other words, if COVID-19 thinks it’s going to shut down our live music and entertainment, then it’s got another thing coming. 

In that spirit, welcome to this week’s edition of What’s Hot This Week: Social Distancing Edition. We’ve handpicked three extremely unique, online events to keep you sane while you stay safe. So, instead of reorganizing your closet (again), why not experience something new with these three great events? Have fun.

320 Festival | May 8-10

That’s right! There’s a music festival to go to this weekend. 320 Festival, originally planned to be an in-person event, of course, has now gone digital. Founded by Kevin Lyman, 100 percent of the profits go to non-profit organizations that focus on mental health and suicide prevention, so you know your dollars are going into the right hands. 

To make the deal even sweeter, you get performances from Chris Martin of Coldplay, ELOHIM, Andy Frasco & the U.N. and many more. There are also panels and workshops tackling different topics within mental health.

Check Out 320 Festival Here

Magnet Improv |  The (Virtual) Armando Diaz Experience

If there’s anything that’s well-suited for adaptation, it’s improv and sketch comedy. Magnet is a staple in the NYC comedy scene, and they’ve gone fully online via Twitch to deliver their renowned comedy to the masses. 

This Saturday, May 9, would be a great place to start with The (Virtual) Armando Diaz Experience, in which the audience delivers prompts for improv sketches and the performers do what they do best. We could all use a few laughs right now, so why not support an NYC comedy staple in the meantime? If you can’t make it on Saturday (we know you can), then check their calendar for more performance dates.

Check Out The (Virtual) Armando Diaz Experience Here

Christina Tosi’s Bake Club

We’re going to go ahead and guess most of us have been spending more time in the kitchen than ever, which can be a good thing or a bad thing. If you lean towards the “bad thing” category and need a few pointers, then why not join Christina Tosi’s Bake Club? 

As the founder of Milk Bar, she’s a visionary in the kitchen and she’s delivering her knowledge on a daily basis via her Instagram. Each day, she’ll provide the ingredient list and instruction needed to create a delicious baked good. It can be the perfect time killer or date night to mix up your Saturday, or really any day for that matter.

Check Out Christina Tosi’s Bake Club Here

Be sure to check back weekly for suggestions on what to fill your weekend with during this stay-at-home time. Be safe out there!