Photo: Courtesy of Museum of Ice Cream

Gone are the days when a visit to the museum meant staring at dusty artifacts under dim lighting. Instead, picture bubblegum pink walls surrounding whimsical installations and interactive exhibits. Not to mention ice cream—copious amounts of it.

This is the Museum of Ice Cream, an imaginative mesh of branding meets cultural experience, where guests can play, indulge and explore. Pioneered by Manish Vora and Maryellis Bunn in 2016, the concept started as a pop-up in New York City and enjoyed immediate success. With over 1.5 million visitors to the spread of pop-ups across New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami, MOIC is clearly satisfying the public’s sweet tooth. 

Nowadays, the “experium”—Bunn’s portmanteau of “experience” and “museum”—is set to open its permanent SOHO space in mid-December, with ticket pre-sales already happening online. The new location will feature a veritable feast for the mind and the stomach. The multi-sensory exhibits include a three-story slide, a Pepto-pink MOIC subway ride, a huge “Queen Bee” hive and, of course, the signature sprinkle pool (brimming with 11,000 pounds of fake rainbow sprinkles). 

And the “phones on” policy is in full effect. MOIC’s architects and designers have crafted every inch of the space to be shareably sweet and Instagram-ready. A day at the museum now means the perfect picture whizzing down a three-story slide, topped off by a signature scoop. 

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