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Camila Cabello – Romance

Camila Cabello RomanceFormer Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello has dropped her newest record, Romance. Cabello, 22, had a string of successful singles like “Havana” and “Hey Ma,” featuring Young Thug and Pitbull respectively, prior to dropping her sophomore LP. Romance taps into the reggaeton and dancehall influence that has defined Cabello’s singing style and aesthetics. Tracks like “Living Proof” and “Should’ve Said It” attempt to bridge the gap between Cabello’s pop roots with hip-hop sensibilities, while the playful and engaging “Señorita,” which features a duet with boyfriend Shawn Mendes, evokes the J.Lo and Marc Anthony ballads that Cabello no doubt grew up on. While Romance is not the strongest representation of Cabello’s live performances, it is still more than adequate at showcasing the Cuban-American’s stunning vocals.

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Julianna Barwick Circumstance Synthesis              

Julianna Barwick Circumstance SynthesisExperimental composer and vocalist Julianna Barwick has finally dropped a response to her critically acclaimed 2016 album, Will. While Barwick’s first few releases relied heavily on generating monotonous momentum, Circumstance Synthesis immerses itself in the moment. Often times, the Louisiana native gives certain phrases more than enough room to breathe. However, this actually serves the recording well, as the sonic textures of Circumstance Synthesis serve to relax and unwind the listener. It’s another supremely sensitive release from the long-time curator and composer.

Anticipation Albums

Vince Staples – “Hell Bound”

Vince Staples Hell Bound

The quick and visceral “Hell Bound” takes no prisoners. Staples’ knack for catchy hooks and frisky lyricism are on full display for this end-of-the-year treat. While his 2018 LP FM! was based on a radio show format, the latest string of releases are based around the structure of a television episode. “Hell Bound” is labeled as the first ad in what will inevitably be the complete The Vince Staples Show.

Patio“Reality State”

Patio - Reality StatePost-punk trio Patio already had a productive 2019 with the release of their debut LP Essentials, the culmination of almost half a decade of tinkering and toying with melody and dissonance. “Reality State,” meanwhile, is much more meandering than their typically brief, punchy and deconstructive punk tracks. Instead, these three women take their listeners on a five-minute journey—a millenia in punk time—to navigate and circumvent the tones and rhythms of their exhaustion.

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