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Stormzy – Heavy Is The Head

https://music.apple.com/us/album/heavy-is-the-head/1487951013The UK’s most prominent hip-hop export has returned with his sophomore LP Heavy Is The Head. Stormzy uses his platform as grime’s biggest ambassador to speak about his personal journey within the context of British politics. The 26-year-old MC’s working-class roots provide sharp contrast to the glitz and glamour of celebrity: austerity and urban violence are seen painted on the track with the kind of verbal verbosity the London native is known for. Unlike previous releases, the production is clean and streamlined. In many ways it serves as a vessel for plating up Stormzy’s lyrical visuals. Heavy Is The Head is a proud expression of thoughts by a Black man in an Anglo world, and the way it explores destiny and the possibilities of life is impressive, especially given the expectation that this will get heavy radio play on the BBC.

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Kaytranada BUBBA              

Kaytranada - BUBBAOne of the decade’s more underappreciated producers, Kaytranada has finally released a follow-up to his critically acclaimed, but commercially minor, LP 99.9%. With his latest drop, BUBBA, Kay has scaled back the dense experimentation and implemented a more house and techno sensibility to his composition. In many ways, the Canandian electro-funkist has fully embraced the pop artistry that his medium is more than capable: the drum arrangements are irresistible, the bass is compelling and the features (which range from Kali Uchis and GoldLink to Tinashe and Mick Jenkins) are all more than capable of carrying a hook.

Anticipation Albums

Poppy – “Fill The Crown”

Poppy - “Fill the Crown”Singer-songwriter Poppy chops and screws with the structure and genre of “Fill the Crown,” the former YouTuber’s latest single for her upcoming album, I Disagree. The song starts with an ‘80s pop pastiche, then transitions to a glitchy, experimental house track before turning into a hard rock head-banger. Much like Lady Gaga or Björk, Poppy is not one to be tied down by medium or niche style, and on “Fill the Crown,”, Poppy refuses to let these standards inhibit her songcraft.

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MGMT“In The Afternoon”

MGMT- “In The Afternoon”The psychedelic pop staples MGMT have returned with a new single, “In The Afternoon.” Much like their last album, Little Dark Age, the indie rock veterans use dissonant psychedelia and spectral synthesizers to create fascinating soundscapes. This is a band that feels like it’s really coming into its own after been pigeonholed at the beginning of the decade. With that in mind, a new record with a more mature sound seems to be on the horizion in 2020.

featured photo: Justin Higuchi