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Roddy Ricch – Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial

Roddy Ricch - Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial Album CoverBorn in Compton and raised in Atlanta, Roddy Rich has been immersed in hip-hop his whole life. It follows that he’s something of a prodigy. He wasn’t even legal to drink before he garnered praise from industry staples like Meek Mill and Nipsey Hussle. Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial is impressive because the 21-year-old writes and spits with a deadly combination of street wisdom and pop instincts. There isn’t anything particularly flashy about Rod’s debut; rather, it’s his subtle details that build on each other to form a complete whole. Details like slowly refining a flow with autotune or moving down an octave, or the use of unimposing, yet precise keys or acoustic guitars and subtracting a note or a beat. The quality of Rod’s impeccable work is only further compounded by a first-rate roster of features: Gunna, Lil Durk, Meek Mill, Ty Dolla $ign and A Boogie Wit da Hoodie. The maturation of Roddy Ricch is not only impressive, but incredibly rewarding for fans of current hip-hop aesthetics and trends.

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Emily Yacina Remember the Silver              

Emily Yacina - Remember the Silver Album Cover
Often times, indie rock artists will paint themselves into a corner: Mac DeMarco is the off-kilter slacker, Angel Olsen is for having a good cry to, Real Estate’s music is defined by apathetic but gorgeous tones, etc. Emily Yacina seems to be actively working against this premise. Every track on Remember the Silver is an earnest effort to never be defined by any musical or metaphysical tropes. Tracks like “Stephanie” are ruminative and employ an endearing horn section, while “Arcades & Highways” is a stripped-down, confessional ballad in the same vein as Beat Happening or Young Marble Giants. However, what really separates Yacina from her peers is her unrelenting rejection of song and melody structure. Some songs will employ a single melody throughout, while other times a song will include seven or eight different tones and textures. Likewise, some songs follow basic pop standards or are comprised of four seemingly unrelated modes that brilliantly fall into place at the last moment. Much like Roddy Ricch, the youthful Yacina is wise beyond her musical years.

Anticipation Albums

Caribou – “You and I” 

Caribou - "You and I"It’s been almost half a decade since Dan Snaith’s Caribou project dropped its coveted LP “Our Love.” Now, the Canadian composer has dropped his second single for his upcoming 2020 record Suddenly. “You and I” picks up exactly where Snaith left Caribou off: infectious percussion, transformative synthesizers and gorgeous vocal inflections that will leave you shivering with excitement. However, unlike his previous releases, Snaith seems to have really embraced his multi-faceted approach to indie rock and electronica. Instead, the explorative composer and producer has decided to tinker and synchronize every musical sketch he has; from interpretive soul samples to titillating guitar waves.

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Mk.gee - “Untitled”The intrepid, yet enigmatic neo-funk artist known as Mk.gee (pronounced Mcgee) has dropped a compelling and mesmerizing new single. “Untitled” has a sinister edge to it, but there’s gyration at the heart of this smoke-filled room. The repetition of the initial beat slowly builds like a Lego tower until the emotional and sonic weight of the track collapses on it. It seems like that’s exactly what Mk.gee is trying to communicate: that unrelenting pleasure will always come with an intense withdrawal.

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