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Lucy Dacus – 2019

In just a few short years, Virginia singer-songwriter Lucy Dacus has established herself as one of the most prominent young female performers of our time. Fresh off the success of her sophomore LP Historian and her work with critically acclaimed supergroup boygenius, Dacus still found time to slip in and out of the studio this past year. The result is a handful of singles and covers that make up the 2019 EP, which showcases Dacus’s maturity as an artist and composer. While her first couple of releases made her come across as timid, 2019 is proof that this extremely talented youngster is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Clams CasinoMoon Trip Radio              

One of the more influential producers of the past decade, notoriously secretive producer Clams Casino has worked with everyone from A$AP Rocky and Lil B to FKA twigs and Lil Peep. The question has always been whether or not Clams’ spacious and desolate beats can stand up on their own through an entire album. And while he answered this question on 2016’s 32 Levels, Moon Trip Radio solidifies him as an independent artist who doesn’t need a slew of big name features to carry his music. Moon Trip is equal parts meditative and ecstatic. The signature booming thud of his snares pair well with the elongated moments of extraterrestrial ambience. There aren’t any club bangers or turn-up hits on this record; just pure sound smithing and sonic world building.    

Westside GunnHitler Wears Hermes 7         

Gangster rap has become sidelined by the prominence of SoundCloud hip-hop and mumble rap, but New York native Westside Gunn maintains the tradition of gruesome bars over simplistic, yet hard-hitting production. Gunn’s most recent release is his seventh entry into his Hitler Wears Hermes series and it’s his most well-crafted interpretation of “old-school” hip-hop. There’s something so timeless about the pairing of Gunn’s dilettante literature and distorted soul samples. It’s further proof that the East Coast sound of the ‘90s is as timeless as doo-wop or big band jazz music 

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Anticipation Albums

Rosalía – “A Palé” 

Spanish pop singer and flamenco extraordinaire Rosalía continues to tease us with singles for what is, presumably, a follow-up to her 2018 masterpiece El Mal Querer. While some of her other releases from this year have been upbeat, hip-hop inspired ventures into more mainstream pop, “A Palé” is a dark experiment with deep house music. There’s no meaningful chorus to this track: just a brooding repetition and a variety of distorted sounds set to bass that hits like a boxing glove.

Wolf Parade – “Forest Green”

One of the more notable veterans of the 2000s indie scene, Wolf Parade is back with a pair of singles and a tour. While the band technically came out of hiatus back in 2017, these most recent tracks by the Canadian eccentrics feel like a more proper return to form: there’s a solid mixture of queer synths, rambunctious hooks and David Byrne-esque melodies from lead singer Dan Boeckner.

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