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Roc Marciano – Marcielago

Roc Marciano - MarcielagoTenured rapper and producer Roc Marciano has released a follow-up to Behold a Dark Horse, his critically acclaimed 2018 LP. Marciano picks up exactly where he left off by delivering a flurry of methodically crafted tracks, each which serves a function in Marciano’s narratives. To boot, the sonic textures, which are almost entirely self-produced, are flawless. Serpentine string sections and haunting horn hollows serve as passageways into the urban decay of Marciano’s world building. Other times, it sounds as if the entire studio is immersed in a sludge-like stasis; rhythm and pacing shift from a trains pace to an astronaut walk. All throughout, Marciano hold the reins of this thuggish carriage tight.

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Medhane Own Pace              

Medhane - Own Pace
In a time where hip-hop demands that you set yourself apart with some sort of spontaneous act of performance or dress, Medhane sits on his stoop and meditates while the traffic passes him by. The fresh, yet avant-garde MC employs the same sort of swagger as his historical predecessors; specifically, Big L and Mos Def come to mind. Parallels aside, Own Pace is a methodical masterpiece of observation and plunderphonic production. Tracks like “Affirmation #1” perfect the art of performing a duet with a sample. “Remember all the times I couldn’t describe what was going on inside,” Medhane spits before giving way to a sped-up soul sample. Own Pace is an eccentric but cohesive piece of hip-hop from one of the underground’s most prominent wallflowers.

Ducks UnlimitedGet Bleak    

Ducks Unlimited - Get BleakPastel prints and quirky indie movies might be a bit dated, but the playful, tongue-and-cheek pop of British twee has a certain timelessness to it. That’s exactly the sort of mood that the Toronto quartet Ducks Unlimited are trying to tap into with their latest release: references to Victorian literature and summer romance meld together on this endearing extended play. While this record isn’t especially divergent from its influences, its beach-tinged guitars and wildflower textures are decent comfort for those of us buckling down for winter.

Anticipation Albums

Tame Impala – “Posthumous Forgiveness” 

Tame Impala - "Posthumous Forgiveness"Kevin Parker continues to push the envelope for contemporary psychedelic pop on the band’s most recent single. This is the group’s fourth and most transcendent release of the year: Parker orchestrates a profound mixture of old-school, R&B-styled production with tantalizing synths and guitar licks. The track is especially invigorating because while it clocks in at roughly six minutes long, it feels as if both 10 seconds and 10 minutes have passed when it’s over. Tame Impala’s new album Slow Rush is slated to be released in February of 2020.

Ally Brooke“No Good”

Ally Brooke - “No Good”The former Fifth Harmony member and current Dancing with the Stars contestant embarked on her solo career back in 2018. Her latest first single, “No Good,” is a preview of what will be her debut LP. “No Good” is a funk-oriented and EDM-inspired bop that showcases the 26-year-old’s powerful singing range.

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featured photo: Abby Gillardi