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Leif VollebekkNew Ways 

Leif Vollebekk - New WaysOne of North America’s more slept-on lyricists, Leif Vollebekk heads back on the road to premier his fourth studio album New Ways. This most recent effort is without a doubt his most complex to date. Its robust, Americana production and versatile songcraft match Volebekk’s existential demeanor. While previous releases found this real-life Llewyan Davis in a more stripped down form, New Ways combines jazz, folk, and R&B to create a palette that’s both retro and contemporary. 

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Cate Le Bon/Bradford CoxMyths 004 

Cate Le Bon/Bradford Cox - Myths 004 It’s not often that two indie rock stalwarts come together to collaborate. It’s even rarer when said collaboration works out as well as Myths 004. Cate Le Bon brings her illustrious and intricate composition skills and pairs them with Bradford Cox’s sinister and disjointed melodies. Each artist also brings to the table an immense appreciation for every possible genre (folk, post-punk, house music, free jazz, electronic, experimental) and meshes them perfectly in unison. Despite being such a short endeavor, Myths brings so many intriguing tastes and colors to the table. 

Charly BlissSupermoon EP 

Charly Bliss - SupermoonOne of rock’s most competitive bands, Charly Bliss has already followed their sophomore LP with a hot and heavy extended play. Supermoon is both sugary and salty; bratty and compassionate; present and historic. Some tracks, like the opener Feed, feel nostalgic for the pop aesthetic of The Lizzie McGuire Movie, while songs like Heaven sound akin to early Breeders records. Unlike some of their more detached peers, Charly Bliss is untainted by irony. Instead, they opt for unabashed angst and blatant earnestness.

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Anticipation Albums

La RouxInternational Woman of Leisure 

La Roux - International Woman of LeisureAfter being part of the electronic sound that ended the first decade of the millennium, La Roux quietly faded into obscurity. The British pop star was able to maintain a solid following in Europe, but she was never able to repeat the success she had with breakout songs like Bulletproof or In For The Kill. Now, the 31-year-old is back with a new track that maintains the same vintage synth pop sound without being redundant. International Woman of Leisure is a sign that La Roux might be in for a revival.

Twin PeaksOur World 

Twin Peaks - Our WorldThe Chicago-based rock group has made what was once an exclusive b-side available on streaming. Once a part of the burgeoning garage rock scene, the Twin Peaks as of late have evolved into a more sentimental and heady band that stresses production and songwriting over beer-soaked anthems. Our World might be the best example of their progress: beautiful vocal harmonies combined with feel-good, yet vivid instrumentation.

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Wiki - PestoThe brainchild behind legendary New York rap group Rat King is about to drop a new album on Friday. Wiki’s latest single, Pesto, is a raw and fiendish track that finds the young rapper spitting spite over skeleton percussion. The full LP, OOFIE, is out November 8.