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Groundhog Day? We’ve Got The Cure!

Another New York winter is in full swing, and the buzz of New Year’s resolutions has already started to wear off. It’s the time of year when we can get sucked into a monotonous daily cycle that makes us feel stuck repeating the same frigid day over and over again, longing for some variety.

Luckily, New York City is as vibrant a scene for arts, entertainment and food right now as it has been all year; you’ve just got to find that motivation to make moves instead of spending yet another night on the couch watching Netflix.

Groundhog Day? We’ve Got The Cure - Bill Murray 2

As Groundhog Day approaches, it’s appropriate to remember that when it comes to making the best of a grim winter, there’s no better example than Phil Connors in Groundhog Day, played by Bill Murray. The narcissistic weatherman can’t stop reliving Groundhog Day in the less-than-thrilling Punxsutawney, PA, home of the famous rodent weatherman Punxsutawney Phil, who crawls out of his cage and lets Americans know if they can expect an early spring. Unfortunately for Connors, he can’t escape Punxsutawney. Or Groundhog Day, for that matter. But as he’s forced to confront himself in the midst of an implausible existential dilemma, he finds that every day is full of opportunity, no matter how dreary it may seem.  

If Phil can max out his life in tiny Punxsutawney, you can make it happen in NYC. New York actually has its very own Groundhog Day celebration; every Feb. 2, Staten Island Chuck, a resident groundhog (also known as Charles G. Hogg) at the Staten Island Zoo, predicts whether six more weeks of winter are in store. The tradition dates back nearly 40 years on Staten Island, but it’s also just one of the many events that will keep New Yorkers entertained, whether spring comes early or not.

Dig into our list of the most fun winter activities New York has to offer. And don’t forget your booties, ‘cause it’s cold out there today.

Winter Jam

“There’s talk of a blizzard.”

New York winters can seem at their most dismal this time of year. Regardless of whether the rest of the city experiences a winter on Feb. 1, a mountain of snow in Central Park will lie at the center of this free winter sports festival open to the public. Attendees can watch live ice sculpting or participate in a variety of activities, including ice bowling, sledding, flag football and even skiing.

Fourth Annual Best of Brooklyn Festival

“Sweet vermouth, rocks, with a twist, please.”

No matter what your drink of choice is (or whether you make a toast to the groundhog or world peace), the mouthwatering tastes and craft brews featured at the Best of Brooklyn Festival this year will keep New Yorkers plenty busy the day before Groundhog Day. Industry City (located at 274 36th Street in Brooklyn), will showcase some of the hottest breweries, restaurants and businesses in Brooklyn. You’ve got one day to take it all in.

Screening of Groundhog Day at Transmitter Brewing’s Pizza, Wine and Movie Night

“Rise and shine campers, and don’t forget your booty’s, ‘cause it’s cold out there today.”

If you’re looking to get active on Groundhog Day this year, celebrate the leap year on Feb. 29 at Transmitter Brewing, where the comedy classic will be screening at 7:30 pm. While Phil Connors can’t seem to get rid of Groundhog Day, Leap Year only comes once every four years, so take advantage of this deal for a fun-filled Saturday night!

Big Apple Circus

“Don’t drive angry!”

You might not catch a groundhog driving a pick-up, but the Big Apple Circus will probably showcase just about everything else during its run at the Lincoln Center this year. Take a break from the cold and escape into the odd world of trapeze artists, strong men and miraculous human feats.

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Date Night

“Intelligent, supportive, funny. Me, me, me.”

Once again, if Phil Connors can get creative with date night in Punxsutawney, PA, you’ve got no excuses when it comes to whipping up a date night to remember with New York’s endless stream of shows, museums and activities. If you’ve already explored The MET recently, check out The Brooklyn Museum, The Guggenheim or maybe The Whitney. Take your partner on a dream-like ice skating trip in Central Park,  and cap things off at the classic Greenwich Village Comedy Club (99 MacDougal Street) for All-Star Standup Comedy, the club’s signature show featuring NewYork’s standup headliners and a dazzling line-up of special guests. And, unlike Phil, you’ll know your partner will have some good memories the next day.

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