It’s hard to imagine an iconic band changing the sound that brings us so many memories. With the change of a lead singer comes the fear that the history, sound and legacy might not translate so well. While some would say that the history of a band might get lost when the lead singer is replaced, there have been several instances throughout history where bands have proven that concept false.

Taking a look at top bands like Queen and Journey that made the frontman switch, there is proof that the maneuver can extend the life of the band. Here are some other bands still rocking the stage with a new lead:

Starting out in 1973 with Gregg Rolie as the lead singer, the band hired Steve Perry in 1977 who helped them soar to success. Now with Arnel Pineda, the group hasn’t stopped believing and is still touring and selling out shows.

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For bands like Foreigner, the music meant more to fans than the band’s replacement of the lead singer (and other band members). They too want to know what love is, and for many it means getting to still hear their favorite Foreigner songs sung by Kelly Hansen, Lou Gramm’s replacement.

There has always been friction in the vision of the band Styx. That’s why when it was announced that they split in 1983, very few fans were surprised. But now, 20 years after regrouping, the replacement of previous singers with Lawrence Gowan still allows them to tour like a renegade.

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