featured photo: Martin Lehmann

New year, new music. Start 2020 off right with these highly anticipated albums:

070 Shake – Modus Vivendi
Release date: January 17

070 Shake Modus VivendiGOOD Music wunderkin 070 Shake will finally drop her studio debut, Modus Vivendi. Shake broke out a few years ago with her unique blend of sing-talk spoken word and autotuned murmurs. Paired with a neofuturistic, minimalist production that prioritizes flow over dance floor ecstasies, and you’ll find an artist eager to ride the line between art pop and unorthodox hip-hop. On top of that, since she’s worked under the tutelage of Kanye, her sound should prove to be even more volatile since 2018’s Glitter.

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Algiers – There Is No Year
Release date: January 17

Algiers - There Is No YearOver two deeply emotional and frantic LPs, Algiers has established themselves as one of modern rock’s most intriguing acts through audiotizing the theories of postmodernism or finding the morbid, gothic textures of soul music. There Is No Year’s singles suggest the band will continue to explore the ways in which the seemingly disparate genres of post-punk and gospel music can find common ground..

Kesha – High Road
Release date: January 31

Kesha - High RoadOnce pop music’s most obnoxious party girl, Kesha has now evolved into a transparent and well-intentioned singer-songwriter. High Road features a stunning duet with Sturgill Simpson and will include several folk tracks. And while it’s clear that Kesha has matured, she’s also still interested in creating bratty radio hits: her latest LP will also have a hedonistic collaboration with New Orleans bounce legend Big Freedia. High Road seems like it has the potential to be Kesha’s most profound record.

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Destroyer – Have We Met
Release date: January 31

Destroyer - Have We MetThe often misunderstood and oddly cranky Dan Bejar’s songwriting vessel, Destroyer, has always intentionally avoided a niche. Much like his biggest influence David Bowie, Bejar is never happy with being distracted by genre. Instead, Destroyer has slowly evolved from pet indie-rock project to dynamic, electro-funk to melodramatic jazz pop. It appears that Have We Met will feature a synthesis of all these sounds and more.

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Khruangbin / Leon Bridges – Texas Sun
Release date: February 7

Khruangbin / Leon Bridges - Texas Sun The stunning psychedelia of Khruangbin will meet the vintage croons of Leon Bridges for a collaboration we didn’t know we needed until now. Both natives of Texas, the pairing actually makes sense sense from a logistics standpoint: each artist is immensely interested in updating their genres (psych rock and old-school R&B) for a modern audience. The collaboration’s first single, the album’s title track, is a relaxed stroll through the desert; Bridges’ hums are perfectly paced with Khruangbin’s luscious guitar waifs.

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Tame Impala – The Slow Rush
Release date: February 14

Tame Impala - The Slow RushThe wait is almost over after half a decade of anticipation: Tame Impala will finally have an answer to the band’s infectious 2015 effort, Currents. The Slow Rush appears to be picking off where they left off when Obama was still president: incredibly dancible acid rock that feels both as shiny and succulent as EDM, yet pristinely vintage like a Thunderbird corvette. It’s clear that the brainchild of Tame Impala, Kevin Parker, has been toiling away in the studio for multiple years, while also touring the entire world multiple times. The amount of blood, sweat, and presumably, magic mushrooms that went into this record is palpable on the handful of songs that have dropped; there’s no reason to think one of today’s most popular  rock bands is going to disappoint.

Grimes – Miss Anthropocene
Release date: February 21

Grimes – Miss AnthropoceneThe internet’s favorite frenemy has been teasing us about a follow-up to the irresistible Art Angel for almost half a decade. We finally got an official release date before the year finished up, so now the wait is on for the cyber queen of pop. Grimes’ peculiar blend of haunting vocals and frantic synthesizers feels laser focused on the record’s latest singles, and it’s hard to imagine she’ll disappoint on her third studio LP.

Caribou – Suddenly
Release date: February 28

Caribou - SuddenlyLong-time producer and electronic tinker Dan Snaith has finally returned under the Caribou moniker. Snaith and his sensationally vibrant, yet sentimental project fell off the radar a bit after releasing 2014’s Our Love. Now, Caribou has returned with several upbeat, sample-heavy tracks that are utter earworms. The rich textures and hypnotic beats of previous records are still there, but the tone—one of hope and compassion, rather than one of anxiety—is what really makes this latest rendition intriguing.

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